What Is Test Modeller?

Test Modeller is a browser-based solution by Curiosity Software that enables you to:

  • Model a system under test as BPMN-style flowcharts.
  • Automatically generate test cases from the model, optimizing testing for time and risk.
  • Define test data at the model level and generate data at the same time as test cases.
  • Export test automation scenarios, automatically generating coverage-focused automation scripts.
  • Export test cases to test case management lifecycle tools at ease (such as Jira, ALM, Octane, and so on).
  • Analyze test results and manage existing artifacts with visual dashboards and a file management system that introduces traceability between test assets.

The goal of this integration is to provide model-based test automation for execution with devices and browsers hosted within the Perfecto cloud. 

Image Integration TestModeller

How Test Modeller and Perfecto Work Together

With Perfecto providing the test cloud and Test Modeller providing an MBTA solution (Model Based Test Automation), testers can easily create test automation by scanning and modeling an application that can then be easily used to generate various end-to-end test scenarios to run on Perfecto devices. This helps testers create and execute their tests at scale, in a cloud-based robust environment, and gather immediate feedback and insights into the health of their applications.

Getting Started

To learn more and get started with a sample Java framework that integrates Test Modeller and Perfecto, please see the following GitHub repository: Test Modeller and Perfecto Code Sample

Take a look at the complete tutorial for using Test Modeller and Perfecto.

test modeller

Key Benefits of Using Test Modeller and Perfecto

  • With Test Modeller and Perfecto, testers with varying skill sets can chose between a wide range of test automation frameworks and create via the MBTA technique a large set of functional tests to be executed at scale on the Perfecto cloud environment. Since these tests are AI driven, their stability and ease of maintenance serves as an advantage.
  • Perfecto provides developers with fast feedback through advanced test reporting and insights, detailed test artifacts, and test logs.
  • Perfecto seamlessly integrates into the DevOps pipelines, hence, developing and executing the Test Modeller test scenarios can be performed from any CI/CD solution.
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Get Started With Perfecto and Test Modeller

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