Use Emulators & Simulators to Scale Mobile Test Automation

Nothing can replace the accuracy of testing on a real device. But adding Android emulators and iOS simulators to your testing strategy is a fast, scalable, and economical way to extend test coverage and minimize escaped defects — especially in early stages of the mobile app development cycle.


Test Earlier

Find bugs earlier and improve app quality by shifting mobile testing left with emulators and simulators.

Increase Coverage

Supplement real device testing by running automated tests across a wide variety of emulators and simulators early in the dev cycle.

Test Faster

Emulators and simulators enable faster testing early in the dev cycle. Accelerate mobile app testing with the right mix of real and virtual devices.

“Real device testing in the Perfecto cloud helped us achieve our quality goals. Next, we wanted to move faster. Combining real device testing along with emulators and simulators at the appropriate phases in the development cycle allowed us to maintain app quality and speed up our testing efforts. The scale and reliability we have achieved with Perfecto is remarkable.”

—    A Perfecto Customer

Secure & Reliable Testing in the Perfecto Cloud

Managing your own infrastructure to host virtual platforms requires resources and maintenance. Spend more time testing and less time managing your test environment with the Perfecto cloud.

Cost Effective

Cloud-based testing solutions are not only more convenient, but they are also more cost effective than managing and maintaining your own virtual test environment.

Always Available

Our emulators and simulators are available on-demand, on your schedule. There is never a need to wait to start testing.


Security is a primary focus. Emulators and simulators are single-use only so your app data will never be visible to anyone but you.

Test Faster in the Perfecto Cloud

People love testing on emulators and simulators because they are fast. But with Perfecto, they are even faster! In recent benchmarking tests, Perfecto emulators and simulators ran in one-third of the time it took our leading competitors. 

If your motivation is to speed up testing through the use of emulators and simulators, then you should rely on the highest-performing solution: the Perfecto cloud.


Combine Real & Virtual Devices for Maximum Quality & Scalability

A combination of real mobile devices for testing user conditions and emulators and simulators for early cycle testing is the best approach to mobile test automation. Emulators and simulators aren’t capable of catching every bug that a real device can, but testing only on real devices can be prohibitive and result in limited coverage. Perfecto provides one platform and a prescriptive approach for mobile app testing on both real and virtual devices. 

simulator and emulators

Speed & Quality Are Attainable With Perfecto

We are here to help you identify the right mix of simulators, emulators, and real devices to meet your mobile test automation goals. Get a custom demo to get a closer look and see Perfecto in action.

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