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Large Automotive Company Increases Release Frequency with Automation


A large automotive company moved from an employee with a suitcase of phones to an enterprise-level, global, automation solution.


The Challenge

The key challenges the satellite automotive company needed to overcome were feature backlogs, labor-intensive manual processes, and limited testing staff. A large change was in order. The company concluded that the key area to focus on was to increase automation in an always-on lab.

The Solution

Perfecto provided the automotive company with an enterprise-level, cloud hosted, Mobile and Desktop Testing Platform, allowing teams to execute automated tests efficiently 24/7/365.

The Results

By adding automation, the automotive company is now able to run test cases in under 2 minutes per case, which has led to 4 releases in the last 6 months all of which have more features than ever before. Needless to say, the client is no longer sending employees around the world to do regional testing.