Large Insurance Company

>Large Insurance Company
Large Insurance Company Saves $2M in Costs with Automation


A large insurance company transitioned from manual testing to 80% automation in 1 year, while saving $2M in costs.


The Challenge

The key challenges the insurance company experienced where high cost of quality, security and compliance, and unplanned security expenses. Overall, manual testing was not only expensive, but was putting the company at a huge level of risk.

The company concluded that the key area to focus on was to increase automation in an enterprise-level, secure, always-on lab.

The Solution

Perfecto provided the insurance client with an open-source framework, a cloud hosted Mobile and Desktop Testing Platform, and hours of automation training, allowing on and off-shore teams to execute automated tests efficiently 24/7/365.

The Results

Most notably, the insurance company was able to reduce cost, saving $1.9 Million in the 1st year (an internal projection from the client) by switching from manual to automation. They are also 100% compliant with all security standards, avoiding millions of dollars of risk.