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Large Satellite TV Company Overcomes Acquisition Challenges with Automation


A major satellite TV provider was recently acquired by a large telecom and needed to adjust to the changes this created for their customers. Primarily, they needed to make sure they weren’t losing customers because of their new parent. Through re-structuring and automation, they were able to overcome this challenge.


The Challenge

The key challenges the satellite TV provider needed to overcome were organizational changes, customer landscape, and their relationships with content providers. Because of the recent acquisition, customers were being charged for data usage, leading to customers leaving for competitors.

The company concluded that the key area to focus on was to increase automation in an always-on lab.

The Solution

Perfecto provided a 24/7 lab filled with real devices that the client could access and run automated tests to verify that advertisement urls were fed and displayed across multiple mobile devices. Perfecto also enabled the client to verify this functionality across multiple geographies to help the client cover region and national advertisements.

The Results

Most notably, the satellite TV provider is now executing tests across all 4 streaming video applications and has had a plethora of marketing campaigns making consumers aware of the data free enablement. Additionally, the provider and the large telecom no longer have to worry about customers leaving to competitors because of high data-usage charges.