Rainer: Quality in Age of Digital

>Rainer: Quality in Age of Digital

The experience consumers have with brands has been evolving over the past five years. What used to be physical interactions with a bank, a retail store or a network provider are more likely to be digital interactions where customers look to mobile devices and apps, websites and social media to engage with brands and get things done. This shift has made it critical for any enterprise delivering online services to make sure they are delivering digital quality across every desktop and mobile platform.

Learn about the importance of digital quality for both technical and business teams

The fact of the matter is that in 2016 if you want loyal customers who are excited about your brand and products, you can’t afford not to give them a high-quality digital experience across all channels — wearables, smartphones and tablets (both native apps and web), desktop browsers, social media, and IoT scenarios like connected cars and Nest thermostats.

In this Video QuickTake, Perfecto president Rainer Gawlick talks about the convergence of digital quality across mobile, web and IoT. Take a look.