Continuous Testing for DevOps

>>>Continuous Testing for DevOps
Continuous Testing for DevOps 2018-07-23T20:43:24-04:00
The mandate: always be testing.

With continuous integration, testing, delivery, and deployment you will get complete control over the quality of your apps throughout all stages of your application development lifecycle.

Developers and testers are typically looking for speed and agility. Over the past few years, the concept of continuousness in application testing has been added to the mix.


Here are just a few of the issues DevOps teams are facing:



How to increase release frequency while retaining high product quality


Frequent changes in the market – new OSes and devices make a direct impact on app quality


It’s hard to embed stable and reliable automation that simulates real user experience as part of the development process.

Software Testing News analyzed how the mobile testing space is being shaped by the term “continuous.” Apps are increasingly being built in a CI environment because DevOps team realize that continuous testing, integration, and releases are interdependent.

Applications have become the most critical assets for most businesses across all industries and regions. At the same time, employee expectations — specifically those that have nothing to do with the technology department — are becoming more difficult to meet. Apps need to be built on a budget while also being easy to use. What does this mean? It means that today’s app development teams need to bring continuous testing into their mobile app testing strategy.

Many of the trends that have begun to take shape in the past few years have revolved around two key objectives — speed and agility — within the app development and management markets. Agile development and flexible lifecycle management are extremely popular today; firms are also leveraging these concepts to ensure that all software products are quick to market and and offer a great user experience.

How can Perfecto help you achieve Continuous Quality?
Our platform gives you all the tools you need:
CI Dashboard to observe quality health throughout the pipeline

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Fast Feedback

Leverage advanced automation frameworks as part of the CI while executing on real devices with end user conditions.

  • Espresso \ XCUITest
  • Appium \ Selenium – Enterprise grade automation



Automation frameworks we integrate with:

CI Platforms we integrate with:


Test in Production

Continue to test and monitor your production in order to decrease time to market