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The ultimate tool for DevOps efficiency:
a Continuous Quality Lab (CQL)

DevOps teams are under constant pressure to release faster, improve quality and keep costs under control. With one cloud-based testing lab, organizations can solve these challenges head-on.

Release Better Quality Apps, Faster

Our Continuous Quality Lab helps you easily mobilize your brand by perfecting the digital experiences that define it. Our 14 highly-secure data centers are home to thousands of real devices that are accessed from any browser – simply leave the device management to us. Perfecto has saved our customers over $156M each year through the elimination of manual testing.

Our open API helps you integrate the Perfecto lab into your existing DevOps toolchain.

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Consider these 3 questions…


Does your current testing strategy allow you to be truly agile?


Does it take into consideration advanced user conditions?


Can you create testing personas and automate tests based on those personas?

To ensure quality, an effective testing strategy needs to consider lots of variables: network connectivity, background applications, physical location, device orientation, and many others. You also need to be thinking about new technologies on the horizon. They’re finding their way into devices all the time. Fingerprint identification, voice activation, image injection, Face ID – these are just a few that are becoming commonplace now. You need to be able to automate your testing with these in mind to keep your DevOps pipeline running smoothly.

…and also…
Which platforms and how many devices will give me adequate test coverage?
Perfecto is the only cloud-based platform for web, mobile, and IoT software testing.

Connect to our cloud-based lab directly from your existing IDEs through our Platform Connectivity Layer. This offers instant access to over 3000 real devices combined with the ability to test for real world conditions- network, battery level, device orientation, and much more. We also offer WindTunnel™, our persona-based testing framework, which allows you to go beyond simple functionality testing and test against real-user conditions.

Our tools make your favorite open-source tools enterprise grade.

Benefits of Perfecto’s Continuous Quality Lab
Instant-on, Always-on Lab

Cloud-based access gives you and your team the ability to perform functional testing anytime, from anywhere, which means increasing velocity and releasing better mobile apps.

Become Agile

Increase test automation coverage and benefit from earlier detection of functional and user experience issues. Extend testing across the entire SDLC – reduce release time from 3 weeks to 2 days.

Get Enterprise Grade Service

All devices, whether hosted privately or publicly, are managed in highly secure global data centers located worldwide. Our customers also benefit from dedicated onboarding and support services.

Leverage Existing Tools

We integrate with the IDEs, test automation frameworks, and other tools you already use to develop apps, including Eclipse, UFT / QTP, Visual Studio, Jenkins, Appium and Selenium.

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Test Every Digital Experience

Test web and mobile apps on multiple devices, browsers, networks, locations and OSs in the cloud. No emulators. No waiting. Test real-user conditions based on your user personas using WindTunnel.

Unparalleled, integrated reporting

DigitalZoom™ puts a powerful management dashboard at your fingertips, giving you a quick, yet comprehensive overview of the quality as well as risk areas of your app, across all platforms. Fast defect triaging allows you to pinpoint and resolve issues early. You can also generate customized test reports based on tags, platforms, areas, and more, to assess test coverage.

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