April 19, 2021

It's Here: Fast E2E Web Test Automation for Every Team Member

Intelligent Test Automation

These days, quality is everyone’s responsibility.

Shift left, shift right, continuous testing — these modern testing practices demand an all-hand-on-deck attitude to making sure the release is pushed out into the world without any bugs crawling around inside it.

Front-end developers, SDETs, QA teams, and business testers all have a critical role in contributing to digital quality and release velocity. But there have been significant barriers to getting them all on the same page and using the same testing platform. For starters: 

  • Front-end developers have entirely different skillsets, tech stack preferences, and workflows than their counterparts in QA.
  • Non-technical testers, such as business testers, have unmatched business insights but traditionally lacked the skillset to scale their knowledge by way of automation.
  • SDETs,much like their development counterparts, also have their own preferred workflows, frameworks, and preferences.
  • All of them (plus their managers and directors!) often lack the shared insights into the results of their test runs. In other words, quality is siloed. Feedback isn’t fast enough. Testing activities throughout the organization are tracked and measured on an ad-hoc basis.

It’s with this struggle in mind that I am thrilled to share the latest additions to Perfecto's web and mobile testing platform.

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It’s Here: Fast E2E Web Testing for Every Team Member

We’re in constant contact with our customers and always watching the industry. Organizations want to automate more, faster (see shift left, shift right, continuous testing). That’s why are introducing new additions that put test automation — and insights — into the hands of every team member, regardless of their skillsets or preferences.

Coded and scriptless? Cypress or Selenium or Cucumber? With Perfecto, you can use it all in a unified platform that also offers security, simplicity, and speed necessary for modern testing.

Perfecto Scriptless Democratizes Automation

No one has an excuse not to be automating! Anyone and everyone can create, run, and manage intelligent test automation for web-based apps with Perfecto Scriptless. It takes all of 15 minutes to go from novice to automation tester.

The test maintenance that bogs teams down? It’s a non-issue due to built-in, self-healing AI that adjusts to changes in the app. Finally, integrations make it a simple drop into existing CI/CD toolchain. It’s worth checking out.

(Scriptless testing has gotten a lot more intelligent since simple record and playbook tools flooded the market.)

Watch an automated web test get created in under 85 seconds!


Cypress Support: What Devs Want, Managers Need

Cypress is the fastest growing open-source framework for web test automation. Front-end developers love it because it’s fast, easy, and fits their development workflow so well. However, it can be challenging to scale and, like many open-source technologies, it can hit a roadblock from IT departments interested in security.

With Perfecto for Cypress, teams can scale their Cypress testing, run tests in parallel, and see results in Perfecto’s AI-driven reporting and analytics. Plus, they can layer Cypress testing with other frameworks, such as Cucumber (like Gliffy developers did!) or even Selenium.

See what happens when you mix the use fastest growing JavaScript framework with Perfecto.

New Framework, New Capabilities, New Logo! 

Did you notice Perfecto's new logo on the site as well?

old Perfecto logo side by side with new Perfecto logo


As Perfecto continues to evolve as part of the Perforce family of DevOps tools, we're making sure our brand reflects that progress. We hope you like the logo as much as we do!


Bottom Line

We’re on a mission to help organizations get the most value out of their quality activities. In our competitive digital-first landscape, doing that requires giving every team member the tools they need to succeed. With our latest additions, Perfecto Scriptless & Cypress Support, more team members can contribute to the shared goal of better quality and faster releases.

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