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Test Smarter With AI-Driven Codeless Automation Testing

What is Perfecto Codeless?

Perfecto Codeless isn’t your typical codeless testing solution. It’s AI-driven to generate quality test scripts more quickly, reducing test maintenance overhead. What’s more, Perfecto Codeless is a feature of the cloud-based Perfecto smart automation platform, so it seamlessly integrates with your existing web testing suite and your CI (continuous integration) pipeline.

With Perfecto Codeless, you can create test automation up to 6X faster, prioritize development and innovation, collaborate flawlessly, and scale your projects without limits, thanks to the cloud.

Perfecto Codeless and Selenium

Perfecto also fully supports Selenium test automation in the cloud. You can use Perfecto Codeless to either complement Selenium or to replace Selenium for test creation. Either way, Perfecto Codeless reduces your manual labor and increases your test automation coverage.

Creating automated test scenarios is codeless. However, it supports all of the traditional test creation capabilities — from data-driven development, working with elements, adding assertions and validations, adding conditions to the tests, connecting to CI, executing in parallel and at scale, and more.

How Does Perfecto Codeless Work?

It’s intuitive. Your teams can visually create automated tests using a drag-and-drop interface, and run them on multiple browsers and work environments, simultaneously – resulting in more frequent releases and higher quality digital products.

It’s smart. Did you know that more than 40 percent of failed automation attempts are a results of scripting issues? Perfecto Codeless leverages machine learning capabilities to self-correct object maintenance issues within code, saving time and cost.

Perfecto Codeless in the Cloud

It’s an all-in-one solution. As part of the smart test automation capabilities within Perfecto’s Smart Automation platform, the testing process is connected for you – from integration to execution to analysis – eliminating the need for teams to use multiple solutions to successfully achieve automation and continuous testing.

It’s in the cloud. Unlike many other solutions out there, Perfecto Codeless delivers codeless test automation in the cloud, allowing your team to meet its speed, scalability and collaboration needs while ensuring quality throughout the software delivery lifecycle (SDLC).

Perfecto Codeless Benefits


AI and machine learning automatically self-correct code.

All-In-One Solution

Seamlessly connected to Perfecto’s smart automation platform.


Run simultaneous tests on any platform and environment.


Codeless test automation in the cloud.


Quick setup and more frequent releases.


Beautiful UI — no coding skills required.

Who is Perfecto Codeless For?

Regardless of your team’s skillset – Perfecto Codeless has you covered, taking test script writing for your web applications off your plate.

QA Managers

For QA teams, it takes the complexity out of writing test scripts, so they can create and execute fully-automated test scenarios without coding.


For developers, it makes test creation and execution substantially faster even for the most complicated test scripts that require different types of automation, allowing developers to save time and focus on product development and innovation.

The Complete Guide to Codeless Test Automation

Automated testing is necessary for DevOps efficiency. Unfortunately, it can still be unreliable. Move faster with automated testing you can trust, thanks to codeless test automation.


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