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Automation is key to achieving quality and release velocity

By focusing on this one area, you can:

  • Improve quality, extend coverage, speed development, reducing costs, and save manhours
  • The Perfecto Continuous Quality Lab integrates with a wide variety of automation test frameworks, eliminating the problem that organizations face with “lock-in” to a specific automation test framework. This flexibility enables teams to unify their approach to testing digital experiences across multiple devices and technologies.
Which test automation framework should you use? How do they stack up?
Open Source Test Framework Comparison

There’s no doubt that open source has changed the way development teams build, test and optimize mobile apps and websites. Perfecto is a strong supporter of open source technology – here’s a comparison of today’s open source mobile automation testing tools. We hope this matrix will help you choose the right solution for your project.


Choose the right testing framework...

Read the detailed blog post and see which is the best for your practice


Test Automation with Perfecto – Take it to the next level.

Today, Perfecto brings test automation to the cloud through Selenium Remote WebDriver and Appium, allowing teams to develop and execute test code on real mobile devices and browsers in real time against real end-user conditions.

We work with any framework… more on Perfecto & framework integrations here

Eliminate QA Bottlenecks

Speed Up Digital App Release Cycles

Perform mobile and browser test automation and eliminate costly QA bottlenecks. Perfecto’s automated testing tools will help you achieve continuous integration and shorten your release cycles.

Automate Across Platforms

One Script. One Lab. Ensure Cross-Platform Digital Quality.

Perform cross-platform, parallel test automation with one script for multiple web and mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Chrome and Firefox.

Read more about cross-browser testing

Leverage Existing Tools

We Integrate with the Tools You Already Use

Use open source or commercial tools or integrate your digital solution independently through our Open APIs. Being open and integrated allows for a variety of tools (such as Selenium, Appium and UFT / QTP), skillsets, and people.

Read more about integrations with Perfecto

Extend to User-driven Testing

Create Personas And Mimic Real-World Environments

By leveraging our WindTunnel™ technology, you can progress from traditional functional test automation to testing real user conditions such as network conditions, locations, screen orientation, incoming alerts, app vitals and timers, and background-running apps.

More About WindTunnel™

Speed Up Feedback Loop

Fast Feedback Loop to Developers Helps Resolve Issues Quickly

Use visual reports, logs, and video recording of browser and mobile device test runs to create a feedback loop to fix issues quicker.
We bring test automation to the cloud, allowing teams to develop and execute test code on real mobile devices and browsers in real time against real end-user conditions.

Read more about visual reports, logs, and video recording with DigitalZoom™

Automated testing. Faster release cycles. Better quality.

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