Automation Should Be Automatic

Built for functional UI testing of web applications, TestCraft accelerates test creation, execution, and maintenance by making automation automatic. Teams of any skill level create stable automation quickly with support from TestCraft’s AI. No coding. No maintenance.  

Why TestCraft for UI Automation?

Quality soars. Costs don’t.

Start Automating Fast

Easy to master. No dev dependency. No framework setup.

Stay Productive With AI

AI auto-fixes flaky tests. No maintenance. 4x productivity.


Scale Quality. Confidently.

Cross-browser coverage at scale. More focus. Fewer defects.

What Customers Say

"With the code-free nature of TestCraft we were able to quickly and efficiently train our entire testing team to create automated tests."

Kevin Jason
Kevin Jason
Director of Development, ten24

"TestCraft has taken our efficiency and overall product quality to a whole new level. We would have never tested as much as we do now as quickly as we do now without it."

Chen Halio
Chen Halio
Director of Quality, The Phoenix

"If you're frustrated with your tests breaking all the time, then go with TestCraft. The self-healing factor of the AI was a major reason why we did."

kelly guthery
Kelly Guthery
QA Manager, GreenCourt

4x Faster Than Coding Selenium

Witness the difference between Selenium (requires coding) and TestCraft (codeless) as the two automation solutions race to completion. With TestCraft:

  • Manual testers automatically generate Selenium code.
  • No need to learn a framework, train testers, or hire new ones.
  • TestCraft AI technology self-heals 97% of broken tests.
  • Supports Selenium code libraries, Shadow DOM, iFrames, and more.

TestCraft Features 

Log in and go with a fully featured codeless automation tool. 

Visual Creation

Build stable, complex test automation using TestCraft’s flow chart builder or on-the-fly in your application. Easily reuse steps to build complex scenarios.  

AI-Based Maintenance

An AI algorithm automatically fixes 97.4% of the changes in the app. No need to sort through false negatives. No need to fix flaky tests.

ai maintenance

Cross-Browser Execution

Run tests on multiple platforms and work environments, simultaneously. No need to build your own infrastructure or pay for external browser labs.

cross browser execution

Scheduling & Monitoring

Schedule tests to integrate with CI/CD. Run tests on a programmed schedule to help you manage repetitive test actions — perfect for application monitoring.

scheduling and monitoring

Cloud-Based Collaboration

Share reports with developers & QA. Stay on top of test results and errors by enabling notifications on your favorite channel: email, text messaging, Slack.

cloud-based collaboration

Reporting & Debugging

Detailed reports are produced on every run, which include screenshots & videos indicating what needs to be fixed.

report and debugging


Jira, Slack, Jenkins, and more. TestCraft integrates into modern testing environments. 

testcraft integrations

ROI With TestCraft

What happens when anyone can create reusable automation & execute across browsers while AI handles maintenance.

Automation Now

Download the eBook for a crash course in a new age of codeless test automation. You’ll learn:

  • How to accelerate your automation transition.
  • Ways to maximize test automation productivity.
  • How AI has fundamentally changed testing.
  •  5 steps toward a successful automation initiative.

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