Note: TestCraft is now Perfecto Scriptless. 

Now more than ever, organizations must create and launch new applications at breakneck speeds to address the ever-changing needs of their audiences. With this extra emphasis on going digital, software testing should not and cannot be the bottleneck that prevents organizations from releasing their applications both quickly and flawlessly.

Join us for a product demonstration showing how the Perfecto Scriptless (formerly known as TestCraft) codeless test automation platform can help your organization shorten and speed up release cycles.

Expect to learn how Perfecto Scriptless helps QA teams:

  • Adjust seamlessly to remote work
  • Simplify test creation and execution without any prior setup
  • Minimize time spent on test maintenance with our AI-based, self-healing technology
  • Harness the power of Selenium with zero coding experience

In this webinar, learn how Perfecto Scriptless can help organizations release reliable, high-quality applications at the fast speeds they need.

Our Speaker

Dror Todres

Dror is an experienced entrepreneur, with a proven ability to recognize a need in the market, create the right solution, and lead the company to success.