Testing with Selenium is popular. In fact, the Selenium test automation framework is one of the most popular frameworks.

But many teams are uncertain of exactly how to take their Selenium testing to the next level.

Consider this your ultimate Selenium guide.

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What Type of Testing Can Be Done With Selenium?

You can do automated web testing with Selenium. Selenium can be used to automate testing on different web browsers.

Learn how Selenium works — and weigh the pros and cons:

Tips for Using Selenium

Testing with Selenium can be difficult. Here are some tips to make it easier.

Selenium Grid, in particular, enables parallel testing against different OSs and browsers on different machines. Because it enables distributed test execution, it reduces the total time it takes for a test suite to achieve a complete pass.

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Considerations for Selenium Grid in the Cloud

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How to Select the Right Selenium Tools

For many teams, Selenium is the framework powering their test automation. Get an overview of Selenium testing tools >>

To fully optimize Selenium test automation, there are certain tools that can help. See below for our best resource about choosing the best Selenium tools for test automation, including:

  • Code-based Selenium.
  • BDD.
  • Codeless Selenium.

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Selecting the Right Selenium Test Automation Tools

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Compare the Selenium Test Automation Framework to Others

Selenium is the leading open source test automation framework. But there are other options to choose from. One in particular is gaining attention.

Cypress is an alternative to Selenium. It's a JavaScript test automation solution. Compare Cypress vs. Selenium

Codeless test automation is growing in popularity, particularly with business testers. Learn the differences between Codeless and Selenium.

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Cypress vs. Selenium

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Cypress vs. Selenium

Limitations of the Selenium Framework

Selenium is open source. And with any open source technology, there are drawbacks. For example, Selenium does not have built-in reporting, which is a crucial element in today’s data-focused society.

Discover the limitations of Selenium. And learn how to use specific tools and tactics to optimize the Selenium framework.

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Limitations of Selenium

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Put Your Testing With Selenium Guide into Practice

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