Test automation frameworks and tools are flooding the market, and there are plenty to choose from. They help teams release high quality apps faster than ever before — especially when compared to manual testing.

But it’s important to select the right testing framework for your needs. We’re here to help you find the right fit for you. Use this guide as a reference to understand your options for test automation frameworks across web and mobile app testing.

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Popular Testing Framework for Web: Selenium

First let’s take a closer look at Selenium. So, exactly what is Selenium?

Selenium is the de facto test automation framework for web app testing. It’s an open source solution that can be scaled in the cloud. As with any tool, there are limitations of Selenium. But overall, the Selenium testing tool is a good choice for teams looking to automate cross-browser testing.

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Popular Testing Framework for Mobile: Appium

On the mobile side we have Appium. Of all the test automation frameworks for mobile app testing, Appium is the top selection.

It’s an open source framework and is backed by an active and engaged community. Appium supports end-to-end testing for both iOS and Android apps. And it can automate advanced mobile testing scenarios, such as video streaming or face ID.

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Other Popular Testing Frameworks

Appium and Selenium are not the only test automation frameworks available for web and mobile app testing, but they are the most widely used. However, there are other frameworks available on both the web and mobile side for testing.

For mobile app testing, there’s more than just Appium. There’s also XCUITest. XCUITest is a test automation framework dedicated to iOS apps. There’s also Espresso, which is a framework for Android test automation.

For web app testing, another framework is gaining traction: Cypress. Cypress is an open source test automation framework with an active community. Cypress is dev-focused and is more universal than Selenium. It’s also more simple to set up.

There’s also BDD testing. With BDD, you can create test automation scripts in plain English, without having to code. Perfecto created Quantum, an open source BDD test automation framework, that works with both web and mobile app testing.

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